Myanmar Visa in New Delhi, India

We planned on getting our Myanmar visa in India because out of our three options; India, Bangkok, and e-visa, it was the cheapest. The e-visa costs around $70 and same day and next day visas in Bangkok cost $36 (1,260 Baht) and $28 (1,000 baht), respectively. Our visas in New Delhi cost $21 (1,420 Indian rupees.)

The Myanmar Embassy in Delhi’s website is at and states the requirements as a “duly filled” entry visa application, two 1.5″ x 2″ recent color photos with white background, passports valid for at least 6 months, and an interview if necessary. There is also a 1,400 Indian rupee charge or approximately $21. Things that you need that they don’t ask for: a letter stating your purpose and how you’re traveling to, from, and in Myanmar, copies of your passport, and a demand draft for the fee.

The Myanmar Embassy is conveniently located right next to the USA Embassy so it is very easy to tell a tuktuk/taxi driver where to go. The USA Embassy is crazy busy, whereas the Myanmar Embassy is pretty relaxed.

It’s important to note that the visa application time is only from 10-11am on Monday-Friday and the visa collection (pick-up) hours are from 4-5pm on Monday-Friday. It states two working days, but we got ours the next day. There are numerous holidays, both Indian and Burmese, that the Embassy will be closed on so check ahead.

We went to the Myanmar Embassy with, what we thought, everything in hand. However, we peered through the tiny holy in the glass to speak to the “Visa Application Guy” and he started grilling us with questions about our flight and hotel bookings in broken English. Well, we hadn’t made any prior bookings because the website said we didn’t need to. He also informed us that we need to pay with a demand draft and not with just rupees. AND that we needed copies of our passport. Our experiences in the past taught us that the Embassy would simply make copies of our passports, but this was not the case here. We thought we were prepared…

To make matters worse, there is only an hour window they take visa applications so we now had 45 minutes to try and get all of these things around or come back the next day, which we really didn’t want to do.

I started talking to a Travel Agent who was dropping off an application for a client and the girls kept talking to the Visa Application Guy. They figured out that they could write a letter detailing our plans of booking a flight from Bangkok to Mandalay and getting hotel stays when we were there. Also, the Travel Agent Guy offered to drive me to a bank to help me get a demand draft. The girls stayed behind to fill out our applications and write the letter.

I hopped in the car with the Travel Agent Guy/Stranger and he drove me a ways away. I tried to keep track of all the turns, but there were too many and I was firmly lost. He took me right to a bank, came in with me, and helped get me started with the teller before leaving.  Thanks guy. I ordered a demand draft for 5,200 rupees (1,400 x 3) and there was a 60 rupee charge. The bank was located in the front entrance of a giant youth hostel type thing. I asked the front desk where I could get copies made and they offered to make them for us for free.

When I stepped outside, I was expecting to have to catch a tuktuk back, but the Travel Agent Guy was waiting outside for me and drove me back. Thanks again! You’re a lifesaver!

I got back to the Embassy and the girls had filled out our applications and written the letters that simply stated we were booking our flight from Bangkok to Mandalay in the future and that we would be booking our hotels once we got to the country. They had very little information on it, but the Visa Application Guy said they look good. These letters are required by the way.

We organized our paperwork and stapled our 2″x 2″photos to the front and submitted them. They ask for 1.5″x 2″, but our 2x2s were fine.

I was convinced we weren’t going to be approved because we didn’t have anything booked ahead of time and the Visa Application Guy grilled us about this at the beginning.

We spent the next day visiting an ashram near Faridabad and arrived back at the Embassy around 4:15. Sure enough, our visas were approved! See you soon, Myanmar!